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Here at Periodontal Consultants, we love riding the balance between safety and cutting-edge technology. That’s why we use lasers.

Dr. Ali M Arastu is qualified to conduct a special treatment called scaling and root planing. If you’re infected gums have contaminated the roots of your teeth, scaling and root planning will remove diseased gum tissue from your mouth and clean the area so that your gums can feel rejuvenated.

Here’s the general process: Dr. Ali M Arastu will use a special dental laser to remove the inflamed and diseased gum tissue. Once the teeth roots are partially uncovered, he will thoroughly clean the tartar and plaque away from your teeth roots and gum line. The roots will also be smoothed out to eliminate any potential infection. After we are done, your gums will naturally start to restore themselves to healthy gum tissue.

This treatment can indeed be performed via surgery, but in this day and age, there’s something better. Using lasers to remove infected tissue is so painless that it requires no anesthetic. The lasers are also incredibly precise. And greatest of all, they are much less invasive than surgery, resulting in a shorter recovery period.

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