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Do not feel embarrassed if you have or have experienced dental anxiety. Almost everyone has experienced some sort of worry in their biannual dentist appointment. Periodontal Consultants strives to give you the best possible experience so you can receive dental care. Call us at 215-463-6677 so we can communicate what are your fears and how we can create an atmosphere more relaxed for you.

Whether your concerns are feelings of helplessness, loss of control or personal space, embarrassment, or fears of pain, your periodontist wants to help you feel at ease. Communication is key, and one of the best solutions is having your periodontist speak to you throughout or even before your visit, either giving details about the process or speaking about a completely random such as unicorns or politics. Choose anything of your preference.

If you have had a previous dental appointment that was unpleasant, discuss with us your concerns, and we can create a signal when you want a break. This may also be needed if you have a certain pain tolerance and require a break at a certain point.

Keep yourself distracted with different techniques whether it’s with your mind or an object. Playing with a stress ball or toy, keeping count of your slow breaths, focusing on your body parts to relax, or listening to music are ways to distract yourself.

Communicating with us what you need for a better dental experience will help us create a comfortable setting for you. If you avoid your dentist this leaves you prone to future oral problems, so call us at 215-463-6677. Periodontal Consultants’s clinic is ready to serve you and your dental care needs here in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to give you an amazing smile!