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Some people are surprised when they go to the dentist and find out that they have gum disease. In many cases, gum disease is completely painless, so it is possible that you won’t know that you have it until it is diagnosed in the office. During your regular exam and cleaning at Periodontal Consultants, Dr. Ali M Arastu will measure the space between your gums and teeth to help determine if you have the early stages of gum disease. If gum disease is caught early on, the doctor may be able to treat it by scaling or planing your teeth.

In scaling, the dentist uses an instrument to remove the tartar and plaque that have built up on the tooth above and below the gumline. Root planing involves smoothing out the roots of your teeth to help your gums and your teeth reattach to one another. The processes may be done in a single office visit, or more than one visit depending on the severity of the disease. If surgery is required, it will be done after the scaling and planing is finished.

Of course, the best way to keep your gums healthy is to brush your teeth at least twice a day, and floss before going to bed. Eating healthy and avoiding alcohol and tobacco will help. You should also see Dr. Arastu for a professional cleaning and exam to make sure your teeth and mouth are healthy. The doctor can also treat you for any minor problems before they become major problems.

If it’s time for your cleaning and your exam, or you are concerned about gum disease, contact our office in Philadelphia. Pennsylvania, at 215-463-6677. We look forward to hearing from you.