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Your gums and related periodontal tissues play an important role in the appearance and function of your mouth. This includes anchoring your teeth into the underlying bone structure.
When residual food particles and plaque aren’t fully cleaned away by your daily oral hygiene regimen they can harden into tartar. As it starts to build up at the gumline the bacterial presence can cause the periodontal inflammation condition of gingivitis.
This can cause your gums to appear inflamed and bleed easily when brushing and flossing. Many gingivitis sufferers also struggle with chronic bad breath.
If you procrastinate your bi-annual dental checkup at Dr. Ali M Arastu‘s dental office, the tartar buildup can have an increasingly negative effect on your periodontal health.
In the time it could exacerbate gingivitis inflammation into the serious periodontal infection of periodontitis. Without professional treatment, this condition can eventually lead to tooth loss and medical complications.
New research has found that severe periodontitis and the resulting systemic inflammation can complication medical conditions like diabetes. It can also possibly increase your risk of stroke and heart disease.
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