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If you have a weak jaw, gum disease, misaligned bite or are getting a dental implant, it may be time for a bone graft. If this option has been recommended to you or you suspect the possibility, here is some introductory information:

What exactly is a jawbone graft?

A jawbone graft is a kind of oral surgery in which a portion of bone is spliced onto the patient’s jawbone so as to reinforce its strength

Where does the bone come from?

We usually see the best results if we can graft with a small piece of bone taken from another part of your body. Depending on your needs, however, we may use artificial bone or bone from a tissue bank. We also have access to artificial bone material and bone fragments from tissue banks if needed. Whichever of these sources we use, in time your jawbone should grow with the grafted bone tissue to create a stronger jaw.

How long can I wait before my dental implant?

If you are getting a graft due to a need for a dental implant, you probably want to know how long the entire process would take. The answer is a little tricky. It depends on how extensive a graft is needed. Major grafts may need a few months. For a minor graft, you might be able to get the dental implant at the same time or shortly after your bone graft. Dr. Ali M Arastu can give you a more customized estimate.

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